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E. Stewart Rhodes


Yale Law School Graduate

Winner of Yale's Judge William E. Miller Prize for Best Paper on The Bill of Rights

E. Stewart Rhodes is a graduate of Yale Law School, where his excellence in legal analysis and writing won Yale's prestigious Judge William E. Miller Prize, awarded for the best paper concerning the Bill of Rights, for his Supervised Analytic Writing Paper “Solving the Puzzle of ’Enemy Combatant’ Status.”  

Yale Law School

Mr. Rhodes provides world class legal research, analysis, motion and brief writing, assistance in appellate practice, and other specialized services to other lawyers on a contract basis.  By contracting with Mr. Rhodes, both sole practitioners and firms have benefited from having access to Yale Law quality work, whenever they need it, at a very affordable rate without having to hire a prohibitably expensive Ivy League associate. 

First-Class National Expertise in Legal Research, Analysis, Writing, and Appellate Practice

A nationally recognized, award winning legal writer, Mr. Rhodes has written for The Warrior, which is the journal of Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyer Academy, served as a staff writer for, and writes a monthly column on constitutional rights as a staff writer for S.W.A.T. Magazine, a newsstand magazine with national distribution and subscription.  

Mr. Rhodes is also the recipient of a grant from Yale Law School, and a designation as a Yale Research Scholar, in support of his current book project on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people during the war on terrorism.  In May, 2008, Mr. Rhodes lectured on that topic as a guest lecturer at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

 As a student at Yale Law School, Mr. Rhodes learned brief writing, oral argument, and appellate practice strategy from Second Circuit Court of Appeals judge and former Yale Law School Dean Guido Calabresi, who was his principle mentor at Yale.  After law school Mr. Rhodes clerked for Arizona Supreme Court Justice Michael D. Ryan, from whom he continued to learn to see the law from a judge's perspective, including by drafting decisions and reviewing and critiquing decisions written by the other Justices.  That experience gives Mr. Rhodes a vital understanding of how both law clerks and judges look at the pleadings and briefs submitted by lawyers.

Mr. Rhodes then practiced law in small town Montana, where he is a member of the Montana bar, working as an associate for a sole practitioner with a general practice where Mr. Rhodes gained valuable experience in both civil plaintiff's practice and criminal defense.  Mr. Rhodes defended paying criminal defense clients and also served as a contract Montana State Public Defender.  Mr. Rhodes has written winning appellate briefs to the Montana Supreme Court and at the trial court level has written winning motions to dismiss in criminal cases and winning motions for summary judgment in civil matters.   

As a Montana trial lawyer, Mr. Rhodes was well respected by prosecutors and by opposing counsel in civil matters and developed a reputation as a skilled motions and brief writer, leading to either outright victory on the motions and briefs or to a highly favorable settlement offer or plea offer for his clients prior to trial.   Mr. Rhodes also worked as an associate in a mid-sized boutique firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in complex, multi-million dollar construction defect cases.  

National Experience

Mr. Rhodes has assisted other attorneys across the nation with researching and writing state and federal trial and appellate briefs in complex, cutting edge constitutional cases, such as First Amendment challenges to state laws, and complex civil litigation.   Mr. Rhodes has also assisted other lawyers with jury selection, trial strategy, creating opening and closing arguments, appellate strategy, with final review of appellate briefs written by other lawyers, and with crucial mooting in preparation for appellate oral arguments.  

Advantages For You and Your Firm: Flexibility and Yale Law Skill Without Ivy League Expense

By contracting with Mr. Rhodes for research, writing, and appellate practice, other lawyers gain the flexibility and considerable advantage of having top-flight, national quality research and brief writing available to them when they need it, but only when they need it, without having to hire additional associates, and at a level of skill that is not otherwise available without the considerable expense of hiring a Harvard or Yale Law graduate.   This allows sole practitioners and small firms to compete with larger firms and to provide their clients with the best legal representation possible, thus helping them to build a strong reputation in the legal community and great client satisfaction.  

The flexibility that comes with contracting such work allows the sole practitioner and smaller firms to take on more clients; take on complex cases they otherwise may not be able to accommodate; to focus their efforts on other areas of their practice, such as meeting with clients, preparing for court and appearing in court, or working on the areas of their practice they find most interesting or rewarding while Mr. Rhodes handles the research and writing; and allows them to delegate the more specialized research, brief writing, and appellate practice to someone especially skilled in those areas.  Essentially, lawyers who contract with Mr. Rhodes can expand their firm and its capabilities at will for a given case, or to accommodate changing work-loads, on a case by case basis, and can thus duplicate themselves, obtain access to specialized skills, and greatly increase their legal firepower whenever they want without having to hire new associates.  Because Mr. Rhodes practiced in small town Montana as well as working for a small, specialized Las Vegas firm, he understands the needs of sole practitioners and small firms. 

Because Mr. Rhodes has been trained by the nation's very best law professors in creative analysis of cutting edge legal issues, he is eminently equipped to handle even the most complex, novel, or unprecedented legal issues and ground-breaking, cutting edge cases of first impression, whether in the civil, criminal, or civil rights context, and whether in state or federal courts.

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